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EPABX System Ahmedabad, EPABX System Surat, EPABX Surat, EPABX AhmedabadTechMa Solution

EPABX System, EPBX System, Building Intercom System in Surat and Ahmedabad at best quallity, lowest rate and affordable price

TechMax Solution provide EPABX System , EPBX Sytem and Building Intercom System of following Brands at attractive price:
Matrix, Panasonic, Crystal, NEC, Optima, Accord, Syntel, Siemens, Alacatel, Coral, Etc.
EPABX Systems are most usable for Corporate Offices, House, Appartments, Flats, etc.
We provide both types of EPABX Systems Analog EPABX as well as Digital EPABX.
We also provide IP-PBX and VoIP Calling solution.

We also works with following Telecommunication Solutions :

Internet Leased Line (ILL)

Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS)

Virtual Unified Threat Management (UTM)

ISDN BRI Line / PRI Line

eCentrex Solution

eWidex Solution

Toll-Free Number

Fixed Cellular Terminal (FCT)

Dealers and Distributors DON'T inquire us for any kind of Rate Or EPABX System and Building Intercom System Products Price List in Surat and Ahmedabad.

EPABX System - EPBX System - Building Intercom System products

Matrix EPABX System

Matrix EPABX, Surat, Ahmedabad

Matrix is indian company located at Baroda Gujarat. Matrix is leading manufacture of telecom products.
Matrix has vast range of Telecom Products like EPABX, IP-PBX, VoIP Gateways, IP Phones, Hotel-Motel PBX, etc. Following some products of Matrix EPABX and Matrix IP-PBX system:
Matrix Proton 103, Proton 205, Proton 206, Proton 308.
Matrix Vision 206S, Vision 308S, Vision 309S.
Matrix Eternity NE 2, Eternity NE 3 , Eternity NE 4 , Eternity NE 6.
Eternity PE 3SS, Eternity PE 3SP, Eternity PE 6SP.
Eternity GE 3S, Eternity GE 6S, Eternity GE 12S.
Eternity ME 10S, Eternity ME 16S.

Panasonic EPABX System

Panasonic EPABX, Surat, Ahmedabad

Panasonic provides wide range in EPABX and IP-PBX System.
Following some products of Panasonic EPABX and Panasonic IP-PBX system:
Panasonic TEB 308, Panasonic TES 824.
Panasonic TDA100, Panasonic TDA100D.
Panasonic TDA200.
Panasonic TDA600.
Panasonic TDE100, Panasonic TDE200, Panasonic TDE600.

Crystal, NEC, Optima, Coral EPABX

Crystal, NEC, Optima, EPABX, Surat, Ahmedabad

Crystal, NEC, Optima, Coral provides wide range in EPABX and IP-PBX System.
Following some products of Crystal EPABX and Crystal IP-PBX system:
Crystal Pluto104, Crystal Alpha207, Crystal 308.
Crystal Gamma 412, Crystal 618, Crystal 40ZX.
Crystal Hybrex 64,Crystal Hybrex 80,Crystal Hybrex 160P.
Following some products of NEC EPABX and NEC IP-PBX system:
Following some products of Optima EPABX and Optima IP-PBX system:
Optima SOHO, Optima NextGen308, Optima 620P.
Following some products of Coral EPABX and Coral IP-PBX system:
Coral SBDX, Coral DX2000/40, Coral DX2000/72, Coral DX2000/120P.

Accord, Syntel, Siemens EPABX

Accord, Syntel, Siemens, EPABX, Surat, Ahmedabad

Accord, Syntel, Siemens provides wide range in EPABX and IP-PBX System.
Following some products of Accord EPABX and Accord IP-PBX system:
Accord Telemagic 103, Accord Telemagic 105, Accord Telemagic 206.
Accord Pride 309, Accord Pride 412.
Accord AX 30, Accord AX 100, Accord AX 200, Accord AX 400, Accord AX 600.
Following some products of Syntel EPABX and Syntel IP-PBX system:
Syntel NEOS 3S, Syntel NEOS 4S, Syntel NEOS 6S, Syntel NEOS 8S, Syntel NEOS 16S.
Following some products of Siemens EPABX and Siemens IP-PBX System:
Siemens Hipath 1150, Siemens Hipath 1190, Siemens Hipath 3300, Siemens Hipath 3500, Siemens Hipath 3550, Siemens Hipath 3800

Telephone Instruments

Telephone Instrument, Beetel, Panasonic

We provide full range of all types of Telephone Instruments in both Analog Telephone Instruments as well as IP-Phones.
We have full range of Telephone Instrumets With Caller ID and Without CallerID.
In Telephone Instruments we deals with brands like Beetel, Panasonic, Matrix, Cisco IP-Phones.
We Also deals with all types of FAX Instruments.



We provide ISDN PRI Lines and ISDN BRI Lines.
If your monthly telephone bill greater than rs. 10,000 than BRI-PRI Line is best option to reduce your bill.
"ISDN" stands for Integrated Service Digital Network, PRI Stands for "Primary Rate Interface" and BRI stand for "Basic Rate Interface". Some of ISDN PRI Line Providers are Tata, Reliance, BSNL, Airtel, etc.
Following some features of ISDN PRI - ISDN BRI Lines:
Direct Inward Dialing
PRI lines provides combination of both Voice And Data.
Call Hunting
It’s harder to tap into PRI Lines and listen to conversations.
PRI Lines are more reliable and trouble shooting is also easy.

VOIP Calling Solution

VOIP Calling Solution

VoIP means Voice Over IP.
VoIP Calling Solution is best solution if your organization units place at different locations.
Using VoIP extensions that call each other using IP Address.

Toll Free Number

Toll Free Number

We provide Toll Free Number for your organization.
Toll Free Number is very popular for service like Customer Care Center.