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Fire Alarm-Security-Fighting System Ahmedabad, SuratTechMa Solution

Fire Extinguisher - Fire Alarm System - Fire Safety System - Fire Fighting System in Surat and Ahmedabad at best quallity, lowest rate and affordable Price

TechMax Solution provide Fire Extinguisher, Fire Alarm Systems, Fire Safety Systems and Fire Fighting Systems to your factory, flats, home and commercial buildings.
We deals with all types of Fire Extinguisher like Powder ABC Fire Extinguisher, Powder BC Fire Extinguisher, Powder D Fire Extinguisher, Water Type Fire Extinguisher, Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher, Foam Fire Extinguisher, Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher and Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher.
We provide complete Fire Alarm And Safety System in both Addressable as well as Conventional. We provide complete Fire Alarm System Solution that includes Fire Alarm Panel, Smoke Detector, Sprinkler, Hose Pipe, Fire Call Point, Fire Extinguisher and etc as per requirement.
We provides brands like GST, Agni, Apollo, System Sensor, Ravel, Bosch, UTC, Honeywell, Wadia, SRI, Winco, Kanex, Cooper Safety, Morley, Vesda, Uni, Fire Force, Cease Fire, etc. For Fire Alarm System setup.
Dealers and Distributors DON'T inquire us for any kind of Rate Or Fire Alarm System products Price List in Surat and Ahmedabad.

Fire Alarm-Safety-Security introduction

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Fire Extinguisher - Fire Alarm System - Fire Safety System - Fire Fighting products

Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher

Water Fire Extinguisher: these type of fire extinguishers are used for CLASS A (fire appears in solid material such as plastic, paper, wood) fire.
Foam Fire Extinguisher: these type of fire extinguishers are used for CLASS A and B (fire appears in flammable liquids such as petrol, paraffin, etc) fire.
Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher: these extinguishers are known as "multi-purpose" extinguisher. these types of fire extinguishers used for class a, b and c (fire appears in flammable gases such as methane, propan, butane, etc) fire.
CO2 Fire Extinguisher: carben dioxide fire extinguisher used for class e (fire appears in electrical apparatus) fire.
Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher: these types of extinguisher used to control class f (fire involving cooking oil, fat, etc.) fire.

Smoke Detector - Heat Detector - Flame Detector - Smoke And Heat Detector - Sounder With Strobe

Smoke Detector

Smoke Detectros are used to send signal to Fire Alarm Panel when they detect any kind of Smoke.
Heat Detectros are used to send signal to Fire Alarm Panel when they detect raise of temperature.
Flame Detectros are used to send signal to fire alarm panel when they flame appeares near to it.
As per name, Smoke And Heat Detectors are combination of smoke and heat detectors.
Sounder With Strobe plays alarm when fire alarm panel send signal to start alarm.

Fire Alarm Panel

Fire Alarm Panel

Fire Alarm Panel is heart of Fire Alarm System.
When any detector send signal to panel, it displays location of Detector and start Sounders or Hooters.
There are two type of panel Addressable Fire Alarm Panel and Non-Addressable(Conventional) Fire Alarm Panel.
They comes in different zones like, 1 (Single) Zone Fire Alarm Panel, 2 Zone Fire Alarm Panel, 4 Zone Fire Alarm Panel, 8 Zone Fire Alarm Panel, 16 Zone Fire Alarm Panel.
Addressable Panel comes with 1 (Single) Loop, 2 Loop, etc.
To setup network or IP Based Fire Alarm System we use complete Addressable Fire Alarm System.

Hose Reel

Hose Reel

Fire Hose Reel are used to provide supply of water to fight with fire.
Length of Fire Hose Reel is between 18 Meter to 36 Meters and internal diameter is 13MM to 19MM.
Fire Hose Reel provide minimum 0.33 ltrs water per second.
Fire Hose Reels are connected with main water supply of Fire Safety System.
Fire Hose Reels sometimes installed on wall and sometimes in specially designed cabinats.
Hose Reels comes in different materials like plastic, cloth with plastic.

Fire Hydrant Valves - Fire Hydrant System

Hydrant Valves

There are different types of Fire Hydrant Valve like Double Headed Hydrant Valve, Screw Type Hydrant Valve and Single Headed Hydrant Valves.
In Fire Hydrant System main keypart is Fire Hydrant Valves.
Hose Reel are installed in Hose Box and that Hose Reel is directly connected to Fire Hydrants.
When something happen and someone open Fire Hydrant Valve, water comes out with fully force.
Sometimes in big industrial setup, permanent Fire Stand Post also used to fight against fire.
There are main two types of metal in which Fire Hydrant Valves available is bronze and brase.

Fire Call Point - Manual Call Point

Manual Call Point

When someone knows fire happen than he can press Fire Call Point or Manual Call Point(MCP) to send signal to Fire Alarm Panel.
If MCP used once to indicate fire than key used to reset it.
There are two types of MCP available for indoor location and for outdoor location.
Manual Call Point are manufactured in two types either plastic material oR metal.
MCP are very easy to use, just press it and it sends signal to system.
It requires only single action or hand motion to activate.
Some Manual Call Point has also highly visible alarm indicator which can be seen from up to 10 metres away.

Fire Sprinkler System - Water Spray System


Fire Sprinkler System are mostof used at indoor location.
A glass bulb type Sprinkler head spray water into room if sufficient heat reaches the bulb and causes it to shatter.
The installation comprises Fire Pumps, Water Storage Tanks, Control Valve Sets, Sprinkler Heads, Flow Switches, Pressure Switches, Pipe work and Valves.
The system operates automatically without human intervention.
The hot gases from fire make the Sprinkler in active mode. fire creates narrow plume of hot air and gas that rise to the ceiling and spread out. These hot gas activate Sprinkler head at the correct temperature.
On other hand Fire Spray System used at outdoor location.
In this system, very high force of water sprayed along area where fire happens.