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GSM Based Wireless Security System in Surat and Ahmedabad at Best Quallity, Lowest Rate and Affordable Price

TechMax Solution works with GSM SIM Card based Wireless Security System, Home Alarm System, Intruder Alarm System.
GSM Wireless Security System also known as Intruder Alarm System or Home Alarm System.
This system mainly used to know entry of intruder person at our premices, while something happen at our premices system automatically send SMS and make call on saved numbers.
Wired and Wireless Sensors like Magnetic Door Sensor, Shutter Sensor, PIR Motion Sensor, Smoke Detection Sensor, Gas Leakage Detection Sensor, Vibration Sensor, Etc.
System also attached with Wired or Wireless Sounder with Strobe.
Dealers and Distributors DON'T inquire us for any kind of Rate Or Wireless Intruder Alarm System Pricelist.

GSM Based Wireless Security System Products

Wireless Security Panel

gsm wireless home security alarm system

All wired and wireless sensors are connecting with security panel and sim card inserted into it.
security panel comes in different zones like 6 wired and 99 wireless zone panel, 4 wired and 6 wireless zone panel, 8 wired and 8 wireless panel, 16 wired and 16 wireless panel, etc.
All panels capable to call 6 telephone numbers and send sms to 3 numbers.
All panel supports cell phone remote control to arm, disarm and to make settings.
Also send SMS Alert on Power-Off.
InBuilt Rechargable Battery for 2-3 Hours backup.

Wired/Wireless Door Sensor, Shutter Sensor

wireless wired door sensor-rolling shutter sensor

Wired-Wireless door sensors connected with doors and windows.
If door or windows open during system arm time, then sensor automatic send door window break signal to panel.
While wired-wireless rollling shutter sensor connected with shutters.
If rolling shutter open during system arm time, then sensor automatic send shutter break signal to panel.
And panel dials telephone number saved into system and send door-window-shutter break SMS to that numbers.

Wired/Wireless PIR Motion Sensor

wired wireless pir motion sensor

Wired-Wireless PIR Motion Sensor used to monitor any motion in secured area.
Motion Sensor are two types: Normal Motion Sensor and other is PET Motion Sensor.
Normal Motion Sensor sense very small motion movement and send signal to panel.
PET sensor only sense big movement like human movement and send signal to panel.

Wired/Wireless Smoke Sensor, Gas Leakage Detection Sensor

wired wireless smoke sensor-gas leak detector

Wired-Wireless Smoke Detector used to detect presense of smoke at secured area.
While Gas-Leak Detector used to detect leakage of Gas at our premicies.
Both detector used to send signal to panel while something unusual happens.

Beam Sensor

wireless beam sensor

Alarm Output is activated when Beam between two detectors interrupted.
Beam detector designed for a wide variety of outdoor and indoor residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Wired/Wireless Vibration Sensor

wireless vibration sensor

Wired-Wireless Vibration Sensors used to detect vibration.
When something vibration accured this sensors send signal to control panel.

Wired/Wireless Sounder and Strobe, Panic Button

wireless sounder strobe siren

If anyone sensor send signal to panel during arm time panel actives sounders.
Sounders comes in two categories: one if normal sounder and other is sounder with strobe light.
Normal Sounder only makes sound While Sounder with Strobe also start light when it receives signal.

Wired/Wireless Repeater

wireless repeater for security system

Wireless Repeater used to extend range of wireless security panel.
When we install some detectors out of range of panel repeater can help to take them within range.