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Metal Detector In Surat And Ahmedabad At Best Quallity, Lowest Rate And Affordable Price

TechMax Solution provide all types of Metal Detectors for use of security purpose.
Metal Detectors useful for places like Cinemas, Malls, Airports, Railway Station, Temples, etc.
Metal Detectors are primary need for area which we want to make secure.

Metal Detector Products

Hand-Held Metal Detector

Hand Held Metal Detector

Hand Held Metal Detector is simplest form of Metal Detector.
The high performance Security Metal Detector is designed to meet the exact requirements of security industry especially checkpoints.
This Metal Detector is tough designed to meet police and security real time using, with low battery consumption.
Typical applications will include body search for offensive weapons in crowd control, border security, airports, checking letters and parcels for metal objects and anywhere that hidden metal needs to detected.
One switch operation, ultimate sensitivity, rugged high-impact abs case with reinforced coil compartment
Detects medium sized gun from 9", large knife from 6", razor blade and box cutter from 3", etc.
Green led lights indicates on, amber led lights indicates low battery, red led lights indicates alarm.

Door Frame Metal Detector

Door Frame Metal Detector

There are two types of Door Frame Metal Detctors used by various security areas: Single Zone Metal Detector or Multi Zone Metal Detector.
In Multizone Metal Detector various zones available like 2 Zone, 4 Zone, 6 Zone, 8 Zone.
It adopts high brightness liquid crystal indicator board which looks more sumptuous and beautiful, and enables the adjustment of people and alarm events as well as parameters.
Each of detecting areas has 250 level adjustment sensitivity.
Multiple Detecting Doors can work side by side independently of each other.
It has multiple sound and alarm methods for identification, with adjustable alarm time.