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In Vapi (Gujarat - India)
TechMax Solution provide following solutions at best quallity lowest Rate and affordable Price :

- CCTV Camera System
( Advert, Arecont Vision, Avtech, Avtron, Axis, Bosch, CpPlus, Dahua, Everfocus, Hi-focus, Hikvision, Honeywell, Maximus, OEM, Panasonic, Pelco, Samsung, Secure-Eye, Securus, Sony, Sparsh, Zicom)

- Biometric Fingerprint Time Attendance System / Biometric Attendance Management System
( Artec Id, Base, CpPlus, Essl, Matrix, Spectra, Bioenable, Hid, Zicom)

- UHF RFID Based Automatic Student Attendance Management System For School, College, University, Factories With Automatic SMS And Email (SAMS)

- Biometric Door Access Control System( Artec Id, Base, CpPlus, Essl, Matrix, Spectra, Bioenable, Hid, Zicom)

- Biometric Hotel Locks For Door(Essl)

- 3D Face Recognition System / 3D Face Attendance System / 3D Face Access Control System

- EPABX System / EPBX System / Building Intercom System
( Accord, Coral, Crystal, Matrix, Nec, Optima, Panasonic, Siemens, Syntel)

- Video Door Phone ( Alba Urmet, Capture, Commax, CpPlus, Fermax, Honeywell, Leelen, Samsung, Zicom)

- Fire Alarm System, Fire Safety System, Fire Fighting System, Fire Extinguisher, Fire Alarm Panel
( Agni, Apollo, Cease Fire, Cooper Safety, Fire Force, Gst, Supremex, Morley, Ravel, Sri, System Sensor, Uni, Utc, Vesda, Wadia, Winco)

- PA System (Public Address System) / Industrial PA System
( Ahuja, Audiotrak, Bosch, Electrovoice, TOA, Voizlink)

- e-Canteen / Cafeteria Management System Using Biometric Card Or Fingerprint Automatic Print Coupon Using Printer

- Data Networking / Fibre Optic Network, LAN-WAN Setup, Structured Cabling( Cisco, D-link, I-ball, Rittal, Tyco)

- Home Automation, Door Automation, Gate Automation, Boom Barriers, Bollard, Automatic Lighting
( Beninca, Lutron, Securico)

- Customized Software Development

- Customized Website Development

And our other products also availble in Ahmedabad

- GPS Vehicle Tracking System

- Door Metal Detector

- Hand Held Metal Detector

- Guard Monitoring System

- Online UPS

- Video Conferencing

- Wired/Wireless Networking

- Wireless Security System - Intruder Alarm System( Securico, Honeywell)

- Dealers and Distributors DON'T inquire us for any kind of Rate Or Security Product Price List.

All Products

CCTV Camera in Vapi

Cctv Camera in Vapi

We provide complete Installation of all types of CCTV Camera in both categories Analog CCTV Camera as well as IP CCTV Camera.
We works with most of Brands like Advert, Arecont Vision, AVTech, AVTron, Axis Communications, Bosch Security System, CP Plus, Dahua, Ever Focus, HikVision, Honeywell, LG, MAXX Taiwan, Panasonic, Pelco, Samsung, Sony, Zicom etc.
We deal with all Types Of CCTV Camera like Dome, Dome IR, Bullet IR, C-Mount Box CCTV Camera, Megapixel CCTV Cameras, PTZ Speed Dome Cameras and also with DVR and NVR.
Video Icon More..

Biometric Time Attendance System - Biometric Door Access Control System (Fingeprint, RFID, Face) in Vapi

Biometric Fingerprint Time Attendance System in Vapi

We deals with all types of Biometric Time Attendance System and Biometric Door Access Control System And Biometric Hotel Locks that use Fingerprint, RFID Card, 2D-3D Face Recognition and Palm Recognition.
We provides solution using major Brands like ESSL, Base, Spectra, Spectra Vision, Bioenable, HID, Zicom, Matrix and other. Wi-Fi, GSM, GPRS and Wireless based system also availble.
Biometric Door Access Control System used to restrict unauthorized personal entry into our premices.
We also provide Student Atttendance Management System that works on UHF Based RFID. More..

EPABX System - Intercom System - IPPBX in Vapi

Epabx System in Vapi

We provide complete solution of EPABX System or Building Intercom System.
We also works on IP-PBX (EPABX Used On Network), we also works on VoIP Calling Solution.
In EPABX System, we deals with brands like Matrix, Panasonic, Crystal, NEC, Optima, Accord, Syntel, Siemens, Alacatel, Coral, etc.
We also provide service of ISDN PRI Lines and ISDN BRI Lines.
We provide all types of Telephone Instruments also. More..

Fire Alarm System - Fire Fighting System - Fire Safety System in Vapi

Fire Alarm System in Vapi

We works in all three area of fire like Fire Alarm System, Fire Fighting System and Fire Safety System.
In Fire Alarm System we provide solution using Fire Alarm Panel, Smoke Detector, Heat Detector, Hooters, MCP, etc.
In Fire Fighting System we works with Fire Pump, Hose Reel, Hydrant Valves, Sprinklers, etc.
In Fire Safety System we provides all Safety Equipments like Fire Extinguisher and other equipments.
We works with brands like GST, Agni, Apollo, System Sensor, Ravel, Bosch, UTC, Honeywell, Wadia, SRI, Winco, Kanex, Cooper Safety, Morley, Vesda, Uni, Fire Force, Cease Fire. More..

Public Address System (PA System) - Sound System in Vapi

Public Address System, Sound System in Vapi

We provides complete PA System and Sound System solutions.
We works with Conventional, Industrial and IP-Based PA System and Sound System.
We provide complete Sound System for Night Clubs, Disco, Auditoriums, Stadiums and Corporate Offices.
We also provide complete Industrial PA System for factories, industries.
We works with brands like Bosch, ElectroVoice, TOA, AudioTrak, Ahuja, Voizlink, etc.
Also provide Portabl PA Systems. More..

Amphy Theatre in Vapi

Amphy Theatre in Vapi

We provide installation of Amphy-Theatre at your open space area like common plot of township or organization. Amphy-Theatre includes visualization accessories installation, Sound System Installation and etc.
We works from design to complete implementation.
Mostof used for full entertainment and education purpose.
We also provide thearatical experience at your home.
We also develope Open Air Theatre at your place. More..

Home Automation - Door/Gate Automation - Light Automation - Curtain Automation in Vapi

Home Automation in Vapi

We provide complete Automation for home, office, buildings, apartments and almost all types of places.
We provide complete automation including complete Home Automation, Door Automation, Gate Automation, Light Automation, Curtain Autoamtion and Audio-Visual Automation.
We provide Bollards, Boom Barriers for safety purpose.
In automation, we works with brands like Honeywell, Lutron, Beninca, etc.
We also provide Complete Home Automation including all security products. More..

Video Door Phone - MultiApartment VDP in Vapi

Video Door Phone in Vapi

Video Door Phones are used to prevent intruder entries to our premices.
We works with both types of VDP, Analog VDP as well as IP Video Door Phones.
We also provide MultiApartment Video Door Phone solutions with Intercom facility.
Video Door Phones also used with Electronic Locks. Video Door Phones also provide memory functions.
Major brands we deals in Door Phones are Zicom, Commax, Albaurmet, Honeywell, Samsung, CP Plus, Leelen, Capture, Fermax, etc. More..

Data Networking in Vapi

Data Networking in Vapi

We provide complete Data Networking solution from Switch, Router to Complete Data Center solution.
Our expertise in Structured Data Cabling.
We deals with all types of Networking using Cat-5, Cat-6 to Optical Fiber Cable.
We provide setup of LAN, WAN, VPN, Wireless Link to Link Setup.
We also provide setup of Complete Wi-Fi Campus for School, College, UniverSity, Restora and other Public Places.
We deals with brands like Cisco, I-Ball, D-Link, Tyco, etc. More..

Software Development / Website Development in Vapi

Software Development in Vapi

We provide complete service for Customized Software Development, Customized Website Development And Other Services Like SEO (Search-Engine-Optimization), PHP, Joomla, Drupal, Word-Press Developments.
We also provide Construction Monitoring System and Construction Payroll System.
We develop applications on all major platforms.
We believe to develop complete user-friendly interface.
We works on all stages from analysis to implemetation and service. More..

Wireless Security System - Intruder Alarm System in Vapi

Wireless Security System in Vapi

GSM Based Wireless Security System or Intruder Alarm System includes Motion Sensor, Magnetic Door Sensor, Glass Braker Sensor, Remotes and Siren.
Motion Sensor or PIR Sensor send signal to panel when any motion happens in sensor area.
Magnetic Door Sensor used to detect unusual activity with doot at which it installed.
As per name Glass Brake Detector detects braking of any glass.
Remote or Key FOB used to activate or deactivate system.
During Activate Period of System automatically call you and send sms when something unusual happen at your office, home or any premices.

Others (Metal Detector , Currency Counter-Detector, GPS Based Vehicle Tracking System) in Vapi

Metal Detector in Vapi

We also provides other Security Systems like
Hand-Held Metal Detectors as well as Door Frame Metal Detector.
Currecy Counter and Currency Detectors.
GPS Based Vehicle Tracking System.
GSM Based Intruder Alarm System.
Guard Monitoring System, etc.